Value Debt: Why is this type of debt different from others?

As a result of credit possibilities contracting or making a debt is commonplace. However, some debts serve beyond their monetary utility, which is worthy of value.

A life of value works as a pendant whose finality is not paid or is paid in advance. That is why money is not the contribute or object in the matter of debt, but rather represents the value of life.

Or what does it mean worthy of value?

debt loan

The value of the debt related to an investment, such as an equity, is not worthy of any monetary value over, but not necessarily or intuitively.

Some courageous courage are directly daring to gain profit or profit to improve their life conditions.

For example, a financed property has its beginning as a lively one of $ 151 thousand reais, but something that will soften variations of local or local market agreements.

What types of lively value?

money debt

It is very common to think that a lively one is worth and equal to Money.

Meanwhile, the debt of money is linked exclusively to the subtraction of monetary value for the sake of paying this reference value.

Different from other types of life in which the does not represent the subtraction of a monetary value and has barely this end.

Then, among the types and examples of the value of life is :

  • Dividing with cars or non-general vehicles: being considered financings and at least even expenses with maintenance (once a car has been in constant revision, it shows a higher value of the sale due to being conserved);
  • Divided to real estate or real estate: I do not carry out any account or rent, unless it is a lease contract (type of good grant for use and consists of some, but last year reacquisition);
  • Divergent of patrimony : corresponds to all the passive components in the patrimony of a company. That is, non general salaries and accounts, responsible, therefore, to maintain or functioning of the company;
  • Value-related to investments : an investor performs a lively format in the form of commitment to a fund, test or business in question.

In any case, it gives a valuable value for investments , or an investor deposits a contribution (monetary value) in a fund, all the more.

Consequently, the monthly expense, a living, however, or value expense will return the appropriate corrections can be thus, represent something positive not final process.


It is clear that every living by value as a premise an investment, in the sense that the value spent will serve as a driver for the life of the investor.

On the other hand, this kind of lively should not be approached just as a positive point.

Or indebtedness can become something harmful mainly when or due value ceases to be paid and enters inadmissibility, generating a fine fine of value , rate and interest.

Knowing how to lead with their lives and their respective values ​​and two important pillars of education finance.

Finally, the live value represents an asset. In general, they tend to be assets valued or referred to, depending on their market conditions. For this reason, qualitative dives must be thought of and planned in order to avoid or needless indebtedness. More content? Subscribe to our Whatsapp.