How to get along with the debt collector?

Debt collection can be associated with continuous calls, harassment and even intimidation. These are only human inventions or activities of companies that have nothing to do with typical debt recovery. The myth is also the image of a debt collector who is associated with a gentleman without a large attitude. What is the truth? In

Is loan insurance compulsory?

You have a project that you want to finance with a loan, and the establishment that accompanies you requests loan insurance. What does this insurance really consist of? It is a double protection, both for you (the borrower) and the organization that helps you finance your project (the lender). Is it compulsory? No. But the

Do you know what Credit Card means?

Why does this happen to cards? The magnetic stripe acts as a credit card database, which is easily accessed when passing through a card reader. It is made up of numerous microscopic sized iron particles that make up a unique pattern. When in contact with magnetic materials such as magnets, this pattern becomes disorganized and